Friday, January 27, 2012

HTC Titan II :Windows Phone with amazing camera

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AT&T is going to offer the 4G equipped Windows Phone, HTC Titan II, on March 18 at $199 as reported by PC World.I'm really interested with the Titan 2's  16-megapixel camera.It has a F2.6 aperture,which is ideal for shooting in low light environments.However, we're a little bit surprise because the camcorder can only shoot up to 720p resolution video.We're expecting more from this camera.

The Titan 2 comes with a larger 4.7-inch touch screen and runs on a 1.5-gigahertz chip as well as 16-gigabytes of storage.It looks much like the original Titan but it is thicker because of the LTE chip.Battery is no longer an issue as opposed to other LTE phones (especially high-specs-camera-phones)due to larger battery than previous version,1730 mAH. 

We're expecting that it was really hard for the Titan 2 to stand against its competitors -Nokia Lumia 900,which has more to offer at lower price.

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